How To Watch Movies Without Wi-Fi

The truth is told for all you cheapskates out there, there is nothing in this world that costs nothing. If you want to watch a movie, you should not expect it to pop out on your phone, just like that. There are a few obvious ways by which one can go about watching a movie without a Wi-Fi signal.


Downloading a movie is a sure shot way of watching a movie without any kind of internet connection.
Only during the period of the download will you have to stay connected with a Wi-fi, and after that, you can kiss the connection good bye and watch your movie in peace. Now, the connection you will be using to download the movie can come from a different many sources such as a local wifi hub in a mall, or the wi-fi in your school or it may be your neighbours wifi, and in the end you can at least be a decent person and buy yourself a wifi connection. For more wifi names head to


Buying the movie is another way to watch a movie without any wi-fi. Once the order is placed, the movie might reach you via courier service or you can buy it from your local retail store. Amazon Prime, iTunes and Google Movies serve as a means of buying your movies in a digital format, and not in any type of disk form. Once purchased you may just download the movie and watch it. It’s either this or you may purchase the CD or DVD containing the movie and watch it on a desktop or television.

Youtube Download

Youtube now has a cool new feature where you can download a movie or any kind of videos so that you may watch it at a later date. The file will remain inaccessible by the user. It can only be opened by youtube, where after entering the app a download section will pop up. It is here that all the downloaded videos are stored.

The internet is a key factor in downloading a movie and in order to work on the internet one needs a wifi connection. One can always use their own mobile operator’s internet connection to download a movie, but they should prepare themselves as the data charged by the telecom operators aren’t cheap. To download a full movie on carrier charges is too costly for anyone’s taste.

Shower scenes in Movies

The shower scenes in the movies may be considered as a key part of it. The significance of it,however, depends on the genre, but all in all, the shower play a very decent role in determining a significant plot. Most of the times, the main protagonist comes up with the brightest of ideas while they are in the shower. Here are a few scenarios and ideas that popped up in the minds of the people while they relaxing in a warm shower:

Groundbreaking ideas

Though it is not scientifically proven, thinking while taking a shower is very beneficial. At that particular moment, the body is relaxed and unwinding itself after a long day of labor. The very sensation of the water touching one's skin soothing and calms the mind within an instant. If the temperature outside is below 0 o C, the idea of taking a nice cold shower should be postponed for the best. It's not every day you discover that you have pneumonia while in the midst of a shower. On the other hand, one shouldn’t have pneumonia. Bottom line doesn't take cold showers during winter, unless, you're trying to set a world record, in which case go ahead. We don’t hold any responsibility for what might happen thereafter.
If you want to about shower click here

The Shower Ghost

Many ghost revelation scenes are based on shower scenes. Any particular reason for that? Yes, there is a solid reason. When we take a shower, that’s the time when we are exposed, both physically and mentally. It a time to relax and the mind is at ease, a rate of calm and rest. It would be very unfortunate if a ghost jumped out of the commode, grabbed you by the head and drag you in. in many cultures, there are different types of ghosts, and the one that I just person a choice, either of which leads to a bad outcome, death. All in all, the shower scene has come up ion many movies as one of the famous plots for a ghost scene.

The Detective Scenes

If you have seen a detective movie, you must have come across a shower scene where a dead body si revealed. As said before, it is while were taking a shower that we are mostly exposed. Happy little murderers or enjoy hacking people when they are unguarded like this, especially in movies. That is why a lot of detective movies have a shower scene where the victim is either killed beforehand or after they are killed police come to investigate to find clues. The shower scene plays a decent role in many detective movies.

Horror Clips

Horror is not like killing someone in cold blood. Nor it refers to that hideous looking ghost dangling from the ceiling of your bathroom. The sensation of horror is something is more potent and drive the blood in some individuals. Horror is very closely interwoven with that of the gho0st and detective genre. Picture a lady taking a shower, and you suddenly see a dark shadow lurking behind the curtains. According to the plot of the story beforehand, you be able to predict what that separation may be. It may be a ghost, or an another person trying to murder the lady (or some pervert stalking the poor woman). In any case, the suspense of what it might and the sheer horror it builds uptight before the moment it comes out is excruciating and oftentimes remains an experience that can never be forgotten. Although there may be different many places where the horror scene might have played out well, the shower scene may be considered the best.

Night Of The Comet – The Lost Songs

Night of the Comet fans are in for a real treat this month; not only has the film just been released on Blu-ray by Arrow Films, but following discussions on Facebook with the film’s Music Producer, Don Perry (see News item on 17 May 2014), cassette tapes were uncovered containing some of the tracks from the film that were not included in the original Official Soundtrack release.

The newly uncovered tracks include:

  1. Making Me Blue – Jim Christopher
  2. Living on the Edge (film version) – Jocko Marcellino
  3. Never Give Up – Bobby Caldwell
  4. Girls Just Want to Have Fun – Tami Holbrook
  5. King County Woman – Doug Kershaw
  6. Eyes on You – Jocko Marcellino
  7. I’ll Take the Blame – Thom Pace

Don has graciously supplied the tracks and with the help of fan René Neferuaten they are now available for your aural pleasure on René’s YouTube page.

Thanks go to Don Perry and Bob Summers [Bob, as well as writing several of the tracks, produced the songs along with Don] for letting the fans hear these tracks. Please respect their wishes that these tracks are for the fans and not to be used for commercial gain.